16 April 2011

Erlangga English Speech Contest 2011 For Junior High School Students

Erlangga English Speech Contest 2011 For Junior High School Students
Dare to Speak!
1. First Place Rp 5 MILLION + School Development Funds
2. Second Place Rp 4 MILLION + School Development Funds
3. Third Place Rp 3 MILLION + School Development Funds

1. What should the government do to stimulate students to read more books?
2. How should we promote our Indonesian cultural heritage to the international world?
3. What is your opinion about the importance of reading books?
4. What should you do to develop your talent?
5. What do you want to be in the future?
1. Participants are students of Junior High School (SMP/MTs).
2. Participants have to complete the registration form and send it back to the committee of Erlangga English Speech Contest 2011.
3. Participants can visit www.erlangga.co.id to download the registration form.
4. Participants are ready to deliver their speech at Penerbit Erlangga branch office for the preliminary.
5. No registration fee is required.
6. Registration will be closed on 22 May 2011.
7. Jury’s decision is final.

Preliminary: May 2011 Erlangga Branch Office
Grand Final: June 2011 Jakarta

For more information, please contact:

Marketing National Department
Penerbit Erlangga
(021) 8717006 ext. 228
or visit: www.erlangga.co.id

Mailbox Address for Registration
CABANG JAKARTA: Jl. H. Baping Raya No. 100 Ciracas Jakarta 13740 Telp. (021) 8717006 ext. 229
CABANG BANDUNG: Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 554 Bandung 40286 Telp. (022) 7500893
CABANG MEDAN: Jl. Sisingamangaraja Km 10.5 No.5 (depan POLDASU) Medan Telp. (061) 7853885
CABANG SURABAYA: Jl. Berbek Industri VII/15, Waru-Sidoarjo (Komp. SIER Surabaya) Telp. (031) 8687910-12


Advertorial: Republika.co.id

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